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Last updated: June 11th, 2015  
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Welcome to the JemCon mini-website service!

Do you want to run your own website but don't know how to get started? Are you baffled by such terms as "HTML"? Are you worried that your design skills might not come up to scratch? Then what we can offer you might be right up your street!

Full Control!  

Update your website any time you want, any way you want!

5 FREE Pages!

More for your cash; Get 5 FREE pages with all packages!

2-Tier Menus!

Now with automatic multi-level menu for extra functionality!

What is a JemCon mini-website?

JemCon mini-websites are feature-packed, with loads of extras and even more potential.  If you want a website without learning how to design, code or buy expensive software, keep reading...

We've made it easy – we provide the website and you just fill it with your content. It's as easy as typing a letter in Microsoft Word!

Quick Start!  

Many customizable starter templates to get you going fast!

Help & Advice!

Friendly, ongoing forum help for all of your web needs!

Admin Power!

Sleek admin panel and in-page edits for even faster updates!

What can I use a JemCon mini-website for?

Anything you like. Their versatility and low cost make them ideal for all manner of projects; showcase your talents in a personal hobby website, create an online shop to sell your goodies or use one to advertise your new business. The possibilities are endless!

You could also use a mini-website temporarily or short-term to promote a party or charity event, or celebrate a family occasion, or shout out your special news.

Can I see an example JemCon mini-website?

You're looking at it! This site uses the "American Beauty Jem" starter template but there are 12 to choose from (with more on the way). Head over to the gallery to see them all.

And if you don't want to use one of the advertised starter templates, no problem; we can customize one for you... and we will do it for FREE!

How much does a JemCon mini-website cost?

  • Doing it yourself, a website can cost a moderate sum in hosting fees, and cost you lots of time and effort to learn about web design and coding.
  • Going to a specialist company might cost hundreds or thousands of dollars of somebody else's expertise, with the drag of ongoing maintenance fees.

We're giving you the best of both worlds at a very reasonable rate;
3 packages, 3 prices, with a FREE template redesign if you want one!

Browse around to see the great things included on a mini-website and see the "Features & Prices" page for more information.

How do I sign-up for my JemCon mini-website?

Head over to our official JemCon mini-website hosting service page where you can sign-up using our convenient online form!

Please read our "Terms & Conditions" before buying.

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